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Inspire India – Setting International standards in India, Creating Legacies!

Inspire India organizes Race Across America (RAAM) Qualifiers in India with a mission is to create challenging International standard cycle races in India. Starting with the Deccan Cliffhanger in Feb 2014, Inspire India has lived up to it’s promise of providing Indian ultracyclists an opportunity to evolve into world class athletes.

In it’s very first edition the Deccan Cliffhanger by Inspire India had as it’s participants Shusanah Pillinger (the first British woman to finish RAAM), Hitendra Mahajan and Mahendra Mahajan (first 2 person team from India to finish RAAM). Both of India’s Solo Finishers at RAAM, Srinivas Gokulnath and Amit Samarth qualified at The Deccan Cliffhanger! Read More at –

Inspire India’s next event, The Ultra Spice Race in the very first edition saw Bharat Pannu finish the 1000 km edition. Along with Darshan Dubey they became the first 2 person team from India to finish Race Around Austria. Read More –

The second edition saw RAAM solo finisher Srinivas win the 1750 Km edition, declaring the race as tough! Read More –

Inspire India’s permanent RQ no. / Hall of fame listing –

And Now Inspire India brings to the world…. it’s highest Ultra Race! Route Recced by none other than Amit Samarth this race is set in one of the world’s most challenging and spectacular terrains! The Himalayas! Read his detailed report –

Details on Event Pages linked below
The Deccan Cliffhanger 
The Ultra Spice Race
The Great Himalayan Ultra
Inspire India also Manages Ultra Race participation for Ultra Races like Race Across America, Race Around Austria etc

Divya Tate is the driving force behind Inspire India.

Divya Tate

Friction – Be your own hero

A film about Divya Tate’s journey with cycling.

Passion driven by pedals, the story of a lady whose life is defined by challenges only to surpass them. Divya Tate, is into ultra-cycling in India and actively takes part in races in the country and also internationally. Giving up architecture, Divya has taken up cycling and Cycling Event creation as a full time profession.