Inspire India started conducting RAAM Qualifier Races in Feb 2014, with the Deccan Cliffhanger. The Race was shifted to November and is has been run annually since then. It took 3 years to develop the Ultracycling Community in India before Inspire India introduced a much longer, multi-day race to prepare racers for RAAM, The Ultra Spice Race. First conducted in Jan 2017 it is also an annual event that is timed around the Indian Republic Day weekend of 26th January. The third race to be introduced to our Calendar was the Great Himalayan Ultra which is usually held Aug-Sept, during the short window of good weather in the high reaches of Ladhak. The fourth race to be introduced is the Dunes 6-12-24 hour Time Trial Championship Race to be conducted in Jodhpur, Rajasthan in mid september.

From the highest mountain passes in Ladhak, to the desert of Rajasthan, the Deccan Plateau to the Arabian sea, and through the lush green mountains of the south into the Nilgiris…. Inspire India’s calendar of events gives you a wide range of terrain, climate, food, culture…. and challenge!!!
Are you up for it?

The Great Himalayan Ultra

For the truly adventurous, Inspire India brings you , the World’s highest Ultracycle race. A 600 km road race starting and finishing in Leh, Ladhak, a start point that is higher than the highest point on any Ultracycle race in the world. The 2nd Edition flags off on 2nd Aug 2019.

Ride on NH1 along the Indus valley through some of the most spectacular landscape on the planet. The land of high passes, with fluttering Buddhist flags and monasteries set on rock mountains.



The Dunes 6-12-24 Time Trial

For the first time in India, a fast paced, high intensity race… the 6-12-24 hour time trial to be held on a a loop. With no mandatory requirement for crew this is a race that can be attempted by many! The 1st Edition flags off on 14th Sept 2019.

On the outskirts of Jodhpur a well known tourist destination, at the base of the its impressive fort….Race hard on good quality roads with less traffic in the desolate landscape of the Thar Dessert…. CHALO RAJASTHAN!!

To qualify for Race Across America in the 24 HR race Men in age group 18-49 would need to do 644Km and Women in age group 18-49 would need to do 595Km.

The Deccan Cliffhanger

Inspire India’s Signature Event, The Deccan Cliffhanger is an annual 643 Km (400 Mile) Ultra Cycling Race from Pune to Goa, comprising solo and relay team categories. Fast paced and headed for the beach this is India’s best known Ultrarace!

The 7th edition will take place on 9th Nov 2019

The Deccan Cliffhanger is on the Ultracycling (UMCA) calendar. Solo Racers who complete within the time limit will be qualified for the world’s toughest bicycle race – Race Across America


The Ultra Spice Race

For those with an appetite for longer, more challenging Ultra races, Inspire India gives you ‘The Ultra Spice Race‘ a multi distance race with options of 1000 km (supported – RQ) and 1750 km (supported – RQ  and unsupported).

The route is challenging, with a large amount of Elevation gain, but goes through some fabulous terrain. Aptly named The Ultra Spice Race for the forests and the Coffee, Tea and Spice plantations in the mountains of the south.

The 4th edition starts on the 25th Jan 2020 from Bogmalo Beach, Goa! SMELL THE COFFEE!