Registration Procedure for the Ultra Spice Race 2nd Edition

  1. Solo riders and Team Leaders need to fill in the form for their respective Category on Explara
  2. The forms have a time limit of 60 mins
  3. You need to have scanned copies of Age and ID proof of each rider ready for uploading.
  4. You also need to have all information of each rider ready, email, ph no., Blood group, Date of Birth and emergency contact details of Solo Rider or Team Leader.
  5. Make the payment using any of the gateways. All of them give you the option of Credit Card, Debit Card and net banking among others
  6. The Explara Ticket that you receive by email is only a confirmation of registration and payment.
  7. After Inspire India Team has approved your participation you will receive an approval email, confirming your participation in the Ultra Spice Race 1st edition

Terms and Conditions

I/We accept the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS for participating in the Ultra Spice Race 2017 organised by INSPIRE INDIA.

1.I/We have read and agree to abide by the Race Rules and Regulations.

2.I/We agree to comply with the traffic and road laws and regulations of India.

3.I/We fully understand and agree that I/We am/are entering this event entirely at my/our own risk and accept without exception full and complete liability for all and any risks and will not hold responsible nor make claims against Inspire India, any of the participants or organizer, its committee members, agents or servants for any loss, damage or injury however caused in relation to my/our participation in this event.

4.I/We understand that when I/We am/are riding a bicycle, I/We am/are required to wear a helmet at all times during the event.

5.I/We understand that I/We am/are required to comply with all the safety requirements set out in the Race Rules.

6.I/We understand that Inspire India reserves the right to refuse or cancel my/our registration, and will refund the registration fees after deductions for Payment Gateway Process. I/We understand that fees once paid will not be refunded under any other circumstance. Only in case organizers are forced to cancel the event will fees be refunded after deduction for operational expenses.

7.I/We agree to sign the waiver form and submit the required information and documents at the time of Race Registration prior to the Race.

8.I/We understand that any attempt at cheating (as determined by the race officials) if proven, will result in immediate disqualification.

9.I/We agree to make the Payment of Registration fees as per the event tickets.

10.Participation in the Event is subject to Approval from Inspire India Team after Payment of Registration fees.

Registration Fees

Ultra Spice 500 KM    
Till 7th Jan50008000
8th-15th Jan60009500
Ultra Spice 1000 KM
Till 7th Jan9000130001800022000
8th-15th Jan10500150002050025000
Ultra Spice 1750 KM
Till 7th Jan13500185002450031000
8th-15th Jan15000205002700034000

Registration Fees include Participants’ Jersey (1 per participant), Finishers’ Medal and Certificate.

Mandatory Pre-Race Registration Requirements


You are required to pass a mandatory bike and vehicle inspection prior to the race on 26th Jan 2018.

  • Inspection Dates – 26th Jan 2018.
  • Inspection Venue – John’s Seagull, Bogmalo 
  • Inspection Times – 10:00am-5:00 pm 26th Jan 2018.
  • Mandatory Racer Briefing – 5:00 pm 26th Jan 2018
  • Mandatory Photo Shoot – All day

All Racers HAVE to pass all the inspection criteria listed below to be cleared for Racing the Ultra Spice Race. Inspections will be conducted on the 26th Jan 2018 between 10:00am and 5:00pm, strictly by appointment for the time slot you chose.

You are advised to keep everything ready for inspection before your time slot, except Racer no.s and Race signage that will be handed to you at that time. Racer Briefing, all solo racers, at least 1 racer per team of 2 or 3, and 2 racers of team of 4 and 1 crew member per solo or team, must attend the briefing.

Bike Check – Check List

  1. Rider Number on front and rear – will be provided at Inspection Venue.
  2. Rider No. on Helmet.
  3. Front Bike Light – 150 Lumens visible for 500 feet.
  4. Red tail light – visible for 300 feet must have steady mode.
  5. Reflective Vest/Bandoleer.
  6. Reflective tape (If you do not have Reflective tape, you may purchase some at the Inspection Venue) approx ¼ inch by 3 inches long strips to be affixed on.
  • Front fork legs,
  • Seat stays
  • Cranks,
  • either rear of pedals or heels of shoes,
  • wheels (3 strips of 2 inches on each side)

Support Vehicle Check – Check List

  1. Race signage on front and both sides – will be provided at Inspection Venue.
  2. Race Number on all 4 sides – will be provided at Inspection Venue.
  3. “Slow-moving vehicle” Triangle OR 2 feet reflective tape prominently stuck on rear of vehicle or on bike rack at rear.
  4. Red flashing light mounted on bike rack.
  5. Car number plate to be visible at all times, as per traffic rules. If bike rack blocks the number plate even partially, Car number to be written / printed and pasted on a visible part of the back of the car.

Documentation Check List

  1. Copy of Racer’s ID proof.
  2. Copy of Racer’s Age proof.
  3. *Copy of Vehicle Registration papers.
  4. Copy of Drivers’ Licences of ALL the drivers.
  5. Waiver Form signed by Racer.

REGISTRATION LINKS (all distances)

SOLO – Registration to open in Sept 2017

TEAM of 2 – Registration to open in Sept 2017

TEAM of 3 – Registration to open in Sept 2017

TEAM of 4 – Registration to open in Sept 2017