Inspire India started conducting RAAM Qualifier Races in Feb 2014, with the Deccan Cliffhanger. The Race was shifted to November and is has been run annually since then. It took 3 years to develop the Ultracycling Community in India before Inspire India introduced a much longer, multi-day race to prepare racers for RAAM, The Ultra Spice Race. First conducted in Jan 2017 it is also an annual event that is timed around the Indian Republic Day weekend of 26th January. The third race to be introduced to our Calendar was the Great Himalayan Ultra which is usually held Aug-Sept, during the short window of good weather in the high reaches of Ladhak.


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  • ROUTE: Pune to Goa
  • DATE: TBA November
  • START: Pune – The Cliff, Forest Trails, Bhugaon
  • DISTANCE: 643 km (400 Miles)
  • FORMAT: Solo event and Team Based relay
  • FINISH: Bogmalo Beach, Goa
  • ROUTE: Goa-Chikmagalur-Coorg-Ooty-Goa
  • DATE: Last Week January
  • START & FINISH: Johns Seagull, Bogmalo Beach, Goa
  • DISTANCE: 1000 & 1750 Km
  • FORMAT: Solo event and Team Based relay
  • PRE RACE: Check in at Bogmalo
  • ROUTE: Leh-Srinagar Highway NH1
  • DATE: 2nd-4th August 2019
  • START & FINISH: Rover’s Den, Leh
  • DISTANCE: 630 km
  • FORMAT: Solo event and Team Based relay
  • START ELEVATION: 3500 Mt (11500ft)
  • ELEVATION GAIN: 10347 Mt (34000ft)