Successful supported Ultra Racing needs a lot of preparation and planning. Given how new this format is in India, to ensure safety and success race participants, the Inspire India team conducts a number of seminars each year. In addition to Divya Tate, who has crewed and Officiated a total of 7 times at Race Across America and other International Ultraraces, other participants and officials of Deccan Cliffhanger share their experiential learning.

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Ultrarace Consultant

Divya Tate has crewed and officiated at numerous Ultraraces, gathering vast experience in managing Ultra Race Participation. She offers her services as an Advisor to Racers/Teams wishing to participate in International Ultraraces like Race Across America.

RAAM and other Crew experiences

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 General DescriptionPrimary RoleOther
RAAM 2012 - First RAAM crewing experience with an Indian rider who DNFed at AlamosaPart of a 4 person crew for a SOLO racer from India, She was called in at the last minute, not a well planned attempt.Navigating RV, Shopping, CookingDrove RV, managed all the systems in the RV
Crew seminar - Feb 2013Attended RAAM Crew seminar in San Diego.
RAAM 2013 - Crewed for 4 person US team Team Break The Cycle Part of a crew of 15, the team finished in 7 and a half days. Read about it in an Article written for Crank Magazine.Navigating follow vehicle, ensuring riders were hydrating and eating, setting up kitchens in RVs, supplies, some cooking, food prep.
(Roles changed on the first day after start when 1 rider was hospitalised.)
Pre Race Metrics, Photography, Videography
RAW 2014 - Crewed for SOLO RAW racer, Dave Preston. Part of a 4 person crew, finished in 3 days. Read about the experience in an Article in Crank.Navigating follow vehicle, ensuring rider was hydrating and eating and keeping him awake and entertained!Photography, a bit of social media
RAW 2014 - Crewed for SOLO RAW racer, Dave Preston. After RAW, she drove back from Durango, to TS 2 to Officiate along the route for the Teams.
Article in Crank on RAAM 2014
Driving and Navigating by turns, Observing Teams, Educating them about rules etc
RAAM 2015 - ObserverWas included as an observer in Joan Deitchman’s crew after she connected a Deccan Cliffhanger, RQ racer to crew for her.Trained her client Chaitanya (Team Chai) about the route, RAAM rules, road conditions, crew roles etc
RAAM 2015 - Crewed for a 4 person women’s TEAM from Atlanta, US, Sorella RAAMBecame a part of a 4 person women’s TEAM with a 13 member rookie crew, only 2 weeks before RAAM. Route instructions, All route related work, Crew instructions, Internal communication, Logistics of Team transitions, Time space management. The crew chiefs had no RAAM experience and were happy to let her manage what were essentially their tasks. Navigating the RV, cooking, supplies, looking after rider nutrition. Photography and social media uploads.
PBP 2015 INDIA TEAM Management - PBP 2015Support for 53 riders from India at Paris Brest Paris.Navigated, co-ordinated between the team, shopped, cooked, looked after rider needs, nutrition, sleep, Moral support!Design and execution of India Jersey, Photography, Videography, social media
RAE 2015 - Race Across Europe – 3000 miles in 15 days. Co Crew Chief for 2 person TEAM – Saddle Sand Sea from UK, with a compact 6 person crew at RAE. Co-crew chief - Setting up Route Map files,
Navigated follow vehicle, Drove Camper Van, Logistics of Transitions, Time space management, supplies, cooking, rider nutrition
Photography, Videography, a bit of social media
RAAM 2016 – Crewed for Solo racer Juliana BuhringCo Crew Chief for self-supported Around the world Record holder Juliana Buhring’s attempt at RAAM solo with an 8 person crew. Racer DNFed due to health issues on day 4.Pre Race Registration management, Logistics, creating budget, race plan, checklists for all supplies, setting up systems for Transitions, crew management. During the race, drove and navigated follow vehicle, Time space management.Photography and social Media
RAA 2016 – Race Around Austria - Crewed for Ammar MiyajiCrew Chief for Deccan Cliffhanger RQ Racer Ammar Miyaji’s attempt at 1500 km race with a 4 person crew. Racer DNFed due to various reasons after 2 days.Pre Race Registration management, Logistics, creating budget, race plan, checklists for all supplies, setting up systems for Transitions, crew management. During the race, drove and navigated follow vehicle.Photography and social Media, crew training for this and future races.